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Who is Harry Cadwallader?

Up until August 2014 Harry was the Headteacher of a local North Somerset Primary School. Prior to this he was the school's Deputy Headteacher as well as a role of two Deputy Headship secondments in the local area. In total, he has 18 years teaching and leadership experience within Primary Schools, with a particular interest and expertise at EYFS and KS1.

Following his departure from Headship, he was very much looking forward to spending less time on paperwork and data analysis and more time engaged in learning alongside children and staff colleagues.


Whilst at both Primary and Secondary School himself, he remembers well, those teachers who inspired him, and one particular Drama Specialist comes to mind.

Combining this early love of Drama, alongside 16 years experience of teaching and leadership, has led to the creation of 'Cadcharacters'.

What can Harry provide?

Harry can visit your school (or Pre-School/Children's Centre) as a 'character' to introduce, reinforce or celebrate your topic, or other themes you may well be covering within your curriculum.

These interactive, informative and fun sessions are approximately an hour in duration and can be delivered to individual classes or larger year group cohorts. Most of the schools Harry works alongside are within 30 miles radius of Weston-super-Mare but visits further afield can easily be arranged.


With sufficient notice, Harry is also very happy to create bespoke characters linked to your topic or class needs - just because the characters are not listed on this website, doesn't mean that they cannot be covered!

Satisfied Customers.....
Please see the feedback pages if you want to know what local schools have been recently saying about 'Cadcharacters'.


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Henry Wakefield - Victorian Engineer, work colleague and good friend of Isambard Kingdom Brunel