Feedback from Schools 2017


Thanks for our brilliant session on the Arctic, the children loved it! They were extremely engaged and enjoyed exploring a wide variety of props. It was a great opportunity to reinforce some of our topic learning whilst also discovering lots of new things. They particularly found the science learning interesting including learning about day and night and also the benefits of wearing black and white clothes in cold places. We also loved the story that you helped the children to act out (Northleaze CofE Primary School Staff, November 2017)

A great afternoon as always.  The children had great fun learning more about Brunel.  A great mix of story-telling and involvement with all the children.  They especially enjoyed Brunel's parents getting married! Thank you very much.

(Shipham First School Staff, November  2017)

This is our third year Professor Jones has visited us – it gets better each time! The children loved it and learnt a lot whilst having lots of fun (Wrington CofE Primary School Staff, November 2017)

I am writing to say a whopping big thank you for coming to visit us. You made us all jump when you arrived out of the cupboard. It was fabulous that you had real life swords and spears but the most powerful weapon was an axe and you had one!  I couldn't believe it when you made a Viking Longship out of all the class. I really laughed when you told us the story of Thors mighty hammer Mjolner. I loved all the stories you told us. You made everyones day, thank you. I hope you can come again (Uphill Primary School Children, October 2017)

The children really loved having Bjorn visit us and have written you thank you letters.  Thank you for making the day interesting and running so smoothly (Uphill Primary School Staff, October 2017)

Wow! You were brilliant!! Thank you so, so much for a lovely morning.  The children's understanding was boosted tremendously by your fun, witty and informative session. They really enjoyed it and there were smiles and laughter all round.

(Sandford Primary School Staff, October 2017)

Thanks once again for your great workshop about the Great Fire of London. The beauty of the way you deliver it is that is highly engaging for the children and they gain a huge amount of background knowledge and information in a relatively short amount of time. Would definitely recommend it to make the Fire of London a more tangible and memorable topic for the class. I loved the way all the children had at least one opportunity to be involved and there was great modelling of drama and role play throughout.

(Northleaze CofE Primary School Staff, October 2017)

Thank you so much - everybody at Blagdon thoroughly enjoyed today.  It was exciting and you were brilliant with the children, something for them to remember! We will pass on your flyer and recommend you highly to other teachers. Thanks again for a really super day! (Blagdon Primary School Staff, September 2017)

Thank you again - the children were enthusiastic about meeting a 'real' Roman soldier.  Harry's visit is the perfect stimulus for our Roman theme and the children were engaged and attentive.

'I learned that you got paid every year but the army kept some back to pay for your equipment and food.' 'The Romans used a spear that would get stuck into the shield'. 'The roads were 'ziggy zaggy' but the Romans made them straight.'

(Windwhistle Primary School Staff and Children, September 2017)

Thank you again for a wonderful day for our children. The children had arguably the best day of their year and it really consolidated their previous learning (Henry Viii/The Tudors) whilst finding out extra information. They particularly enjoyed being a part of the history, getting up on their feet, dressing up and acting. Furthermore, those whom usually would not participate, were fully engaged and worked well with their peers. We will surely book you again and look forward to having the opportunity to do so.

(Walliscote Primary School Staff, July 2017)

Thank you so much for coming into our school over the last two days and creating such a wonderful character for us. The children absolutely loved meeting Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School for Wizadry and are still buzzing from it today!

(Milton Park Primary School Staff, June 2017)

Thank you very much for entertaining the children as Captain William Whitebeard the Pirate.  The children absolutely loved your visit.

(Tickenham Primary School Staff, June 2017)

Thanks for your Roman Centurion visit yesterday. Turtle class really enjoyed it. From the minute you entered the room they were engaged, and stayed that way for the full 45 minutes. There was the perfect balance of listening and activities, the activities being enough to keep them engaged, but not over excite them (Voyage Learning Campus Staff, Primary/Nailsea, June 2017)

Thank you very much for this morning - they absolutely loved it.! The children have been talking about it all day and most of them spent their lunch break looking for Samuel Pepys!  It was great how interactive it all was and it really brought the story alive for them. We are now going on to writing diaries about the fire and they already have lots of ideas (Kingsmoor Primary School Staff, May 2017)

Thank you for a fantastic visit from Earnwald the Saxon. The class were really excited to find you snoozing in our willow tunnel and I was very impressed with the way you integrated loads of key information to launch our topic.  You also kept them on the move and were very adept at involving them all.  Thank you for bringing such Anglo Saxon enthusiasm to Northleaze.

(Northleaze CofE Primary School Staff, May 2017)

History was brought to life in a fun, informative and lively way. An interactive session in which the children were able to engage in role play and empathise with people from the time of the Great Fire (Churchill CEVC Primary School Staff, May 2017)

It's incredible how much more children remember and understand when they are fully and practically engaged in their learning. After Jed's visit, they were able to talk knowledgeably and confidently about life in Henry Viii's court, his complex personal life and the impact he had on Tudor England. Well worth it - thank you! (Sandford Primary School Staff, April 2017)

The children enjoyed the visit (from Mr Reginald Abraham Squires, the Victorian Headteacher) so much that they asked if they could write a letter to you!  (Christchurch CofE Primary School Staff, April 2017)

Dear Mr Squires Sir......Year 5 would really appreciate it if you could come and visit us again. We all really want you to because last time you came we all loved it!  You are interesting and funny! (Christchurch CofE Primary School Children, April 2017)

Thank you for joining us at Sand Bay yesterday. The children were so impressed with Captain William Whitebeard and they cannot believe that they have met a real pirate! They are really immersed in the pirate theme thanks to Harry and they cannot stop talking about what they must do to protect the treasure. Harry was really interactive with the children ensuring that children could volunteer and be a part of his stories.  All children are excited to design and build a ship for Captain Whitebeard and are looking forward to seeing him again.

(St Anne's CEVA Primary School Staff, April 2017)

The children really enjoyed and learned a lot from your fun and interactive session.  They were able to get into character using your range of simple props and were delighted that everyone had a part to play.  They were focused and involved for the whole session and able to recall lots of facts and information when we returned to class.  Your session linked brilliantly with the work we had done previously in class and was a brilliant introduction to the Spanish Armada, which we are studying this week.  Many thanks.

(Golden Valley Primary School Staff, February 2017)

The children were really captivated by Harry with his fun, interactive stories and facts of the countries we've been learning about. Being able to dress up and act out the tales made it such memorable experience for them. We loved it! We'll definitely be having you again

(West Leigh Infant School Staff, February 2017)

Thank you so much for the 'spy' afternoon here at Kewstoke. It was great seeing the children's faces as a secret agent appeared in the middle of their maths test! They thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was a real ‘WOW! Event’ which led us to do some super work about the history of espionage; it complemented our ‘Stormbreaker’ work beautifully. It was a great success - thank you!

(Kewstoke Primary School Staff, February 2017)

Thank you again for the visit. The children enjoyed the interaction with the character and joining in where appropriate. From this, the children gained new knowledge of Ancient Egypt (Milton Park Primary School Staff, February 2017)

Thank you for a wonderful informative experience from Eddie the Polar Explorer. The children were fully engaged in the whole session and learnt so much. We were particularly impressed in the range of activities the children were involved in and the amount of information that was covered (as well as all the props!) An afternoon the children will remember (Wrington CofE Primary School Staff, January 2017)

Class 1 were so excited to meet a visitor from 1666 and learn all about the Great Fire of London. Harry's hands on sessions allow children to develop a great understanding of their topic as well as getting them to think about what life would have been like during that period of time. I would highly recommend kick starting your topic with Cadcharacters! (Hutton CofE Primary School Staff, January 2017)

Thanks so much for today it was great and the children loved it - they really came back to class with a buzz.

We starting drawing and painting our wanted posters before lunch and they looked amazing. After lunch we talked about what you would be looking for and what a good pirate would need to be able to do. The children came up with some fabulous ideas and it showed how much they had taken in during your visit. The posters they produced are stunning, beautiful artwork and high quality sentences, especially when you think it was the Friday afternoon of the first week back after Christmas. Guess Captain Whitebeard really caught their imagination so thank you again (Christchurch CofE Primary School Staff, January 2017)

He was a good and bad pirate because he started off by stealing our treasure but he did give us the chance to find it. He then told us what happened to him when he was a little boy and how he always tries to be nice.The best bit was pirate, pirate, pirate, parrot and we had to beat the Captain back to our seats. It made me laugh when he got mixed up and ran the wrong way. He danced and played music and thought he was very good but he was awful but we didn’t tell him! (Christchurch CofE Primary School Children, January 2017)

The children really enjoyed the visit from George Stephenson’s friend and work colleague and found this to be very engaging. The children gave very positive feedback and the visit reinforced their learning about George and Robert Stephenson.

(Milton Primary School Staff, January 2017)

Thank you so much for our visit last term for our Stone Age topic. Year 3 enjoyed it so much that I was wondering if you would be able to come into school again. We have recently begun our new topic the Egyptians and would love for you to come back as Professor Jones.

(Christchurch CofE Primary School Staff, January 2017)