Feedback from Schools 2018


A huge thank you to Harry for his character, Sid Richards ARP Warden! The children were engrossed with an interesting character that reinforced all of their previous learning through interactive and fun activities. Harry is excellent with the children and I would highly recommend his services to any class!  (Sandford Primary School, December 2018)

'We were looking for an interesting way into our topic Pirates so we booked Captain William Whitebeard to pay us a visit. He was larger than life and had the children spellbound. A fabulous way to introduce a topic and a way of bringing a topic to life. We highly recommend booking Cadcharacters and only wish we could introduce all of our topics this way. Brilliant work - thank you!'

(Walliscote Primary School, December 2018)

I really enjoyed Professor Robert Jones because he was really funny and he taught me a lot of things about The Stone Age in a really fun way.  I loved how he used helpers.  Thank you very much (St Mary's CEVA Primary School Children, November 2018)

I just wanted to say thank you for your visit linked to our 'chocolate' topic. I'm amazed you managed to fit in: a history lesson; singing; acting and performing. You're engagement with the children was excellent and they came away with a real buzz which is a credit to you. I would highly recommend any school hiring you for the fun and learning  (Joseph's RC Primary School, November 2018)

A huge thank you for a fantastic start to our term learning about the Great Fire of London. The children absolutely loved the workshop and were fully engaged and enthused throughout. They learnt so much through a fun and creative performance from Samuel Pepys' servant and have been talking about the session ever since. Thank you! (Glenfrome Primary School, November 2018)

The children had a wonderful time meeting Sid Richards the ARP Warden and really enjoyed finding out about his experiences as a WW1 Soldier.  Thank you so much for all that you did to make it such a success (St Joseph's RC Primary School, November 2018)

As always Professor Jones had the children eating out of his hands, hanging on his every word. We had a fun packed (Ancient Egyptians) afternoon with lots of learning going on!  Thank you, see you next year (Wrington CofE Primary School Staff, October 2018)

We would like to say a massive thank you  from all of the staff and children! You were absolutely fantastic and everybody had a brilliant day learning about the life and adventures of Christopher Columbus. We will certainly be in touch for further characters in the future! 

(St Joseph's RC Primary School Staff, October 2018)

As always a great way to start our topic on The Great Fire of London. The children were fully engaged throughout and able to recall many facts about London in 1666 (Winscombe Primary School Staff, October 2018)

Thank you for your (Fire of London) visit, the children thoroughly enjoyed it!  They were very keen to share everything they found out afterwards - the session was really informative. It was really good that you made sure there was lots of audience participation/role play. This was very powerful, particularly for this age group (Northleaze CofE Primary School Staff, October 2018)

Our children were so excited to meet Don Thomas the Astronaut. They learnt so much about space in such an informative, interactive, fun way and couldn't wait to tell their parents all about it when they got home (St Georges Church School Staff, Sept 2018)

Thank you so much for your 'Great Fire of London' sessions. The children absolutely loved it and there was such a lovely buzz about today. We look forward to welcoming you back to Saltford soon (Saltford CofE Primary School Staff, September 2018)

Many thanks for the day with Pedro last Friday. It was a really good day and the children enjoyed it and learnt a lot. We thought the story of Christopher Columbus was really well put across to the children and we liked the way that most children got the chance to be involved somehow. We also liked how it was split into little chunks which gave us the chance to debrief back in class and log our learning. The range of costumes/props was great too and really engaged the children. Thanks again and hope to see you soon for another character!! 

(St John's Church School Staff, September 2018)

Thank you so much, Professor Jones, for your visit yesterday. It really brought the Stone Age to life hearing about your "personal" exploits as an Archaeologist and Explorer! The children really loved being so actively involved in the session and this will help to make a lasting impression on them. They are already begging me to book you again for our Egyptian project! 

(Christchurch CofE Primary School Staff, September 2018)

Thanks Buzz Lightyear - you were absolutely fantastic as part of our Toys topic. The children (and adults!) were certainly 'buzzing' afterwards. There was definitely the right mixture of listening, singing, games and story. Thank you so much - we will be using you again.

(Windwhistle Primary School Staff, September 2018)

Many thanks for yesterday's session with Year Two. Tommy the Toymaker was just what we needed to get our History topic on toys started with a 'wow'! You looked the part, had lots of toys to show and for the children to have a go with. You gave the right amount of information about the Victorian era and the materials that the toys were made from. All of the children were engaged and excited. It was a very enjoyable and successful session - thank you!  (Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Staff, September 2018)

Hail Marcus Antonius Barbatus! 'Thank you for getting lost and finding your way to our school. We loved learning about your life as a Centurion in the Roman Army! The best part was when we learned how to march'.  'Absolutely fabulous, really great afternoon and so informative.' (Windwhistle Primary School Children and Staff, September 2018)

Ooo arrr matey! What a wonderful pirate day we had thanks to Captain Whitebeard. In the morning, the children were shocked to discover our gold and jewels had been taken by a pesky pirate so we set off to try and find some more! As we were digging for treasure on the beach, we spotted a pirate coming along the shore. The children were amazed that Captain Whitebeard had our treasure chest! He told the children all about how he came to be a pirate and he was trying very hard to be good. He reminded us of the importance of being kind to others as people hadn't always been nice to him. We loved playing games, singing a song and doing pirate dancing... we had so much fun that we decided to show him some kindness and share a bit of treasure with him. The children had such a great morning and lots were asking about Captain Whitebeard long after he had disappeared into the dunes! Thank you for another shipshape experience.

(Mary Elton School Staff, July 2018)

Thank you very much for yet another fantastic series of workshops last Friday. Children in all year groups enjoyed meeting 'Tommy' (Victorian Toymaker and Entertainer) and were buzzing with what they had learnt when they got back to class. You provided an array of information whilst also making it entertaining and interactive for the children. We will definitely hope to have you back next year!

Thanks also for creating a character specifically to our needs, as a small school with mixed-age classes it can be hard to find visitors that can adapt to suit our particular topics and age groupings but you never fail to adapt to our needs.

(Court De Wyck Church School Staff, June 2018)

Thank you so much for coming in as our 'Dragon Expert' - the children loved it! It has really helped to ignite their imaginations!

(Northleaze Cof E Primary School Staff, June 2018)

A huge thank you to Captain William Whitebeard for visiting our school today.  The children and adults were totally captivated by his tales of life on the sea and his encounters with a dragon.  It was a delight to see all the children so excited and totally engaged.  A perfect way to bring together our exciting topic of pirates (Winscombe Primary School Staff, May 2018)

''I liked it because he showed us what would actually happen in the Roman times.'  'The best bit was when we did the tortoise.'  'He told us funny stories and some of us got to act out the funny stories.'  'I liked it because Harry was funny.'  'I enjoyed using the Roman swords.'  (St Andrew's Primary School Children, April 2018)

Thanks for the 'Brunel' and 'Romans' sessions you did with our school the other week - all the children really enjoyed it. I'm sure we will use you again come September! (St Andrew's Primary School Staff, April 2018)

The children were actively involved and every pupil played a role throughout the 'Brunel' interactive afternoon. I loved the way that you involved all the children in the session and had so many props to bring their experience to life. We will definitely be booking you again.

(St Francis RC Primary School Staff, April 2018)

'It was awesome!'    'I can't believe how much I learnt.'    'It was such fun, I loved being the main horse!'

(St Francis RC Primary School Children, April 2018)

Thank you once again for last Thursday.  The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Abraham Lincoln and parts about the Civil War. It certainly has given us a good start to our topic.  The props and audience participation was great, as all children felt involved. The use of involving all children in a dance that was traditional at the time was really good. Children have learnt so much about Abraham Lincoln with the hands on interactive approach. The wealth of knowledge and information given was a lot but children were able to easy understand the history behind the president and the Civil War (Brent Knoll CofE Primary School Staff, April 2018)

Thank you so much for today - the children are absolutely buzzing and so excited by the challenge from the Pirate Captain Whitebeard, which was pitched perfectly (St Anne's Church Academy Staff, April 2018)

'Dear Jethro, Thank you for teaching me about The Great Fire of London.  I really enjoyed it because it was really funny and you taught me lots.'   'To Jethro, thank you for teaching us about the Great London Fire. I really liked the acting because the children did it.' 

''Dear Jethro, Thank you for making us laugh because I havent laughed so much for a long time and it was fun.'

(Churchill CEVC Primary School Children, March 2018)

Thank you for a fantastic Fire of London morning! It was amazing, the children were buzzing and continue to buzz with enthusiasm and excitement for the topic! The morning whizzed by in a whirl and was filled from beginning to end with fascinating and fun facts - not just about the fire but life in that era! Jethro really ‘fires’ the children’s imagination, encourages them to ask questions and gives them a wealth of knowledge they will never forget! Those of us lucky to travel back in time loved being immersed in the hands-on, interactive morning - from Samuel Pepys and King Charles to houses and fire - all of us had our part to play, with a huge variety of props and artefacts to help! A fabulous morning! We look forward to meeting more of Cadcharacters through our next history topic.

(Churchill CEVC Primary School Staff, March 2018)

The children had an amazing time and were so enthusiastic when we returned to the classroom.  It was such an informative workshop (on The Antarctic and Shackelton's Endurance Expedition) both for the adults and the children!  We are really excited about taking our learning forward after such a lovely start to our topic. Thank you for such a wonderful morning with Eddie the Polar Explorer.

(Staplegrove Church School Staff, March 2018)

Thanks once again for the fabulous Tudor/Sir Walter Raleigh sessions you ran for our Year 2 children...they absolutely loved it.  I was really impressed with the range of activities you provided including singing, dancing and acting.  The children were all keen to participate and felt that they played their part.  They loved dressing up using your props. The content of the session was aimed at exactly the right level for the classes and when we wrote our recounts the following day, the children remembered all the important facts and details (especially the gory ones!!)  Thank you once again (Golden Valley Primary School Staff, February 2018)

The children once again loved having Harry to visit as Eddie the Explorer - amazingly he had been travelling around the same countries that we'd been learning about! The session was fun, informative and stimulating and it was great that all the children came up to act out a role. We really look forward to Eddie coming back next year (West Leigh Infant School Staff, January 2018)

Thank you so much for another brilliant delivery! The children were absolutely mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed it! You really have inspired their enthusiasm to learn more about 'The Great Fire of London' topic (Mendip Green Primary School Staff, January 2018)

This was an amazing experience for our children, they were in complete awe of the information they received from a Paeleontologist. The variety of activities kept them engaged for over an hour.  'The games we played were so much fun we have played 2 and they were good!!'  Thank you so much (Mead Vale Community Primary School Staff and Children, January 2018)

Thanks so much for coming in to work with the class last week, the kids absolutely loved the session and it was the perfect start to our Tudor topic.  I was really impressed with how much historical content you managed to pack in to just 1 and a half hours!  Virtually all the children had the opportunity to dress up and play a character and the props you supplied really captured their imaginations.  You brought lots of fun, energy and enthusiasm to our topic and it's inspired the children greatly, thanks again!

(Kingshill Church School Staff, January 2018)

I liked it when we were stars and we were turning around to make a big ball.  I liked watching the space buggy move on the moon.  I liked wearing the helmet.  It was funny when Elliot was Goldilocks.  I liked the pictures on the Whiteboard.  I liked the machine that went round and round and got faster (Y1 Children, West Leigh Infant School, January 2018)

The children loved taking part in the role play and being involved in the story telling of 'The Great Fire of London'.  The workshop was fun and engaging with lots of learning opportunities and interactive activities throughout (St Francis RC Primary School, Staff, January 2018)

A big thank you for coming to Tickenham!  You really did ‘kick-start’ our Space Topic and the children were eager to learn more.  Your ideas and resources are fabulous and you have such a fun and positive relationship with children of all ages. Excellent! Thanks again. 

(Tickenham CofE Primary School Staff, January 2018)

Thank you for today. It was perfect and just what we wanted to get the children excited and interested in the Ancient Egyptians Learning Theme.  The session was really interactive and it captivated the children from the minute you started speaking.  They were all so engaged, they hardly ever took their eyes off what was going on. The best part had to be the mummification of a child from the class.  

We have some fab photos... some will be going on the website soon. Apart from being a fun session, the children learned lots and it gave them a good basis to learn more (St Anne's CofE Primary School Staff, January 2018)

A wonderful session with an Astronaut which provided an exciting and engaging hook to our topic! The children gained a huge amount of knowledge and enjoyed participating in various activities and finding out about life in space.  They were sad to see Don Thomas leave and have asked for him to return! Many thanks (Dundry CofE Primary School Staff, January 2018)