Feedback from Schools 2020 

Thank you for the visit today, the children really enjoyed the sessions with you.  We were particularly enthralled with the physical activities, marching and dancing, plus also the love and revenge story that the children acted out.  Due to COVID you worked hard with all the restrictions and the children learnt things and were able to experience more about the Romans than we could in class. Many thanks. (St John and St Francis Church School, November 2020)

I thought today was wonderful and I know the children had a fantastic time. Thank you so much. The children were literally 'buzzing' with excitement. From a teaching perspective, I thought it was excellent from beginning to end. Just the right balance of fun memorable facts. I loved the way you cleverly 'weaved' the story about Olive and Cliff from Letters from the Lighthouse (which the children did notice as they mentioned it to me later). It was great that you found a way to involve all the children but particularly used humour to entertain our more 'theatrical' children. It was fantastic the way you used music, dance and drama to explain what it was like for children living in the war and the children were never bored. My favourite activities were: the Lambeth Walk, the air raid drill with sound effects and cracking the code. Well done for a super-duper day! (Burrington C of E Primary School, November 2020)

We were blown away with your attention to detail - this made it magical and so life like. It tied in all the children's learning. The links with the text, Letters From the Lighthouse, left the children memorized. We love your manner with the children - you are a legend at keeping their engagement but also bringing great joy and laughter.  It really was that 'Wow' we were hoping for!  Thanks again.

(Tickenham Church of England Primary School, November 2020)

Harry had visited us several times over the last few years as part of our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic and the children absolutely love it! Everyone is always absolutely mesmerised and fully engaged. The children are able to use their prior learning from the topic as it is brought to life through drama and role play and lots of new learning takes place too. Everyone is willing to get involved, even the quieter children.  Harry has also adapted really well to the current Covid situation and has adapted the way he runs his sessions to be safe but still just as fun and interactive.  We would highly recommend him to anyone! (Kingsmoor Primary School, November 2020)

Harry provided a brilliant session where the children were excited and engaged throughout. Since the visit, pupils have not stopped talking about the special visitor and have really clearly remembered the facts they have been taught and demonstrate an excellent understanding of the events of the Fire of London and the time period in general (Glenfrome Primary School, November 2020)

We all really enjoyed the experience and the children got so much out of it. The children came back buzzing and we have referred back to your character a few times since in other lessons. It has really brought the WW1 topic to life - thank you so much!  We will definitely be in touch in the future (Churchfield Church School, November 2020)

Thank you so much for coming in and putting on the performance - the children absolutely loved it! It was fantastic to see them apply their learning to the questions that you were asking them, and it was something they were talking about for the rest of the day. They have also taken the things they learnt from the performance (like learning about the Farriner's family) and added it into their diary entries that they are currently writing in class. Thank you again (St John & St Francis Church School, November 2020)

WOW! Thank you SO much!  I cannot believe how amazing that was to pull off over a zoom call.  The children loved it and have said how much they have learnt about 'The Great Fire of London'.  They were absolutely buzzing and completely enthralled by meeting Jethro.  You engaged them so completely, gave them so much information and got them up and moving too. On the playground the children were asking me "How can he be alive because the fire was so long ago?" Before I could answer, someone else pipped up - "He was time travelling!" They believed you completely and it was lovely to see (Birdwell Academy, November 2020)

We all had a fantastic time with you yesterday. The children really engaged with the (Ancient Egypt) learning and you were fab!

(Worle Village Primary School, November 2020) 

Thank you so much for this afternoon’s ‘Zoom' - it was brilliant!  The fact that you managed to engage with them all so well through zoom was fantastic, they absolutely loved it! They will certainly have loads to work with next week when they write their newspaper reports. (Sandford Primary School, November 2020)

Thank you so much for the 'Great Fire of London' sessions earlier today. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are well and truly immersed in this term's learning! (Haywood Village Academy, November 2020)

As soon as Harry entered the room via his time machine, the children were instantly transported back 8oo years; to the world of King John and the feudal system. Harry's encyclopaedic knowledge of all thing's history, coupled with his ability to engage all learners in his action-packed sessions, allowed our pupils to deepen their understanding of our topic in a fun and creative way. It was commented upon by all teachers, from EYFS through to KS2, that Harry was able to pitch the content so expertly to the level of our pupil's needs, that it was a pleasure to be involved in and simply witness the children's reactions!  We were particularly pleased that Harry created a bespoke character just for our topic - thank you so much! Highly recommended, we can't wait to welcome him back again. 

(Axbridge First School Academy, October 2020)

'Jethro told us all about The Great Fire of London in a really funny way. He picked us out to act out different parts. He was great. He was really clever because he was being funny whilst telling us about The Great Fire of London' (Winscombe Primary School, September 2020)

What an amazing experience for our children. The Tudors really came alive in a funny, factual and engaging way for our children. This interactive performance has enabled our learners to secure and develop their understanding of the Tudors and has given them the tools to flourish when talking and writing about this subject. We will definitely be having Harry back in the future. Thank you and highly recommend for practitioners looking for a way to engage their learners in an engaging, historical experience. 

(Glenfrome Primary School, September 2020)

We just wanted to say thank you for coming to our school last week for our topic on The Ancient Greeks. The whole of Key Stage 2 very much enjoyed the variety of conversations and activities you shared (Brent Knoll CofE Primary School, March 2020)

Thank you so much for another fantastic set of workshops. The children all loved learning more about conditions for soldiers during the Crimean War and it really helped bring to live for them what an impact Florence Nightingale had on improving hospital conditions. You included lots of bonus facts about Florence's early life and built in frequent activities to get the children engaged and on their feet. They were buzzing after the morning and it really helped them remember key details when they were asked to do some writing on the topic later on.  I know the children in the afternoon loved meeting the Victorian toy maker and learning more about how toys and childhood has changed (Court de Wyck Church School, February 2020).

Thank you for (another) fantastic morning. The children were absolutely buzzing after your visit: and I just couldn't believe how much information and understanding they had taken on board. The way in which you included EVERY child, no matter their need, to be a part of the learning was inspirational. The children were kept in complete awe due to your natural, fun and caring delivery of the workshop. Not only this, but we couldn't believe how you kept up the energy levels for so very long! (I was worn out watching you!) The range of ways in which the learning was presented tailored to each and every learning style. Again, no easy feat! What a wonderful way to begin our new topic. We can build on this so brilliantly with our children - safe in the knowledge that they have had the BEST grounding ever.

(Birdwell Academy Primary School, February 2020)

Thank you so much for today, it was fantastic. The children really enjoyed it and were buzzing about it when we got back to class. It was the perfect way to introduce the Viking part of our topic, after focusing on Anglo Saxons last term. You kept them entertained throughout. I was very impressed with our actors too! You can tell you have worked in education a long time, you knew which children to not let take over & which to encourage without me having to say! Thank you so much (St Georges Church School, February 2020)

Thank you so very much for such an amazing visit yesterday. The children asked if Jethro is coming back again through the term and I am 100% certain that my class would have stayed for the second workshop if they could have. You were so enthusiastic, funny and engaging - the children learnt SO much and were proudly telling other teachers in the school that it was the best story they'd ever heard!

(Birdwell Academy Primary School, February 2020)

Thanks for today. The children (and adults) loved it as usual. Sputnik have written a thank you letter to explain what they learned from your visit. They really enjoyed the workshop and spoke about it really enthusiastically when they were discussing what to put in the letter. The workshop really brought the project to life and has subsequently helped them recall information that enhanced their understanding of what life as a Viking would have been like. Thanks for helping to make their project really come alive.

Dear Bjorn Magnusson – Mighty Bear,

Thank you for coming to visit us and teaching us lots of interesting information.  We loved finding out more about the Vikings and their gods. It was really fun when we re-enacted the story of the Ice-Giant stealing Thor’s hammer. It was so funny seeing Loki and Freya work out how to help him get it back!  We also enjoyed finding out about Odin and his eight-legged horse and his two ravens, Thought and Memory. We had loads of fun making ourselves into a Viking longboat. Singing the Viking songs was really entertaining. Finding out about the leader, who would whip any Vikings that weren’t working hard enough, sounded harsh.  Another thing we enjoyed discovering about was how Vikings went to the ‘Thing’ to solve problems with trials using hot stones. It sounded really painful! They went there to eat food and play sports like rock throwing. We had so much fun so thank you very much!

From Team Sputnik (Uphill Primary School, February 2020)

Thank you so much for the wonderful Greek workshop. The children really enjoyed the morning and learnt so much. Here are some comments the children made about their experience: 

'I loved the dramatic entrance, it really got the morning off to a great start'

'I loved all the props that were available and that we all got to experience them. It brought everything to life'

'The best part was we all got to join in. Everyone was included and we all got to experience Ancient Greek life in some form or another'

'It wasn't just sitting and listening. We got to act, march and role play as Ancient Greek Warriors. It was the best day I have had in ages'

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you again soon (Mead Vale Primary School, January 2020)

Thank you so much for your visit and I’m glad you felt welcomed and enjoyed being at our school. I thought that your session on WW2 as Sid Richards the ARP Warden was brilliant as it was very informative but delivered in an engaging and exciting way through drama/active learning. This was especially impressive with a large group of 60 children. It was amazing to see how much the children learnt from you and were still able to discuss the day after. Particular highlights from the children were getting the chance to act and they enjoyed the humour too. I’m sure we'll be in touch again in the future (Headley Park Primary School, January 2020)

Thank you so much for coming to visit last week, the children and I really enjoyed it.  You  made the Tudors and the life of Sir Walter Raleigh really come to life. Here are some quotes from the children:

'Harry will make you learn more than you could imagine' 

'Thank you for coming again, I loved the play which we all acted in. I especially liked Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth'

'It was really fun to watch my friends acting and I really enjoyed acting too'  (Kingshill Church School, January 2020)

Thank you so much for visiting us with Jethro! We absolutely loved listening to his stories. The children gained so much from the visit, and the following day they were able to recall so many of the interesting pieces of information about the Great Fire of London. It has really ignited their interest in the topic, but they do keep asking when you are coming back! 

One child said "wow, that was the best day ever of my life!"  (Hutton CofE Primary School, January 2020)