Feedback from Schools 2021

Thank you so much for your 'Christopher Columbus' themed visit yesterday! Once again it was absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to host you. The children were so enthused by your performance and came out of the hall so excited and were telling us all of the things they had learnt from you! We would 100% recommend you to all local schools, thank you!(St Joseph's Catholic School and Nursery, September 2021)

Harry - you enrich the children's learning in this Great Fire of London topic so very well. It is such a BRILLIANT launch of our topic - giving the children both the knowledge of the event, and then also the inspiration to find out more. They always are able to retain so much from the active way in which you get them participating - not to mention the humour! It is, without doubt, their favourite day of the year and children repeatedly talk about you for the following weeks, months and even years! You are simply inspirational! (Birdwell Academy Primary School, September 2021)

Thanks so much for the excellent 'Mayan Civilisation' session today. The children are now really excited about the topic and have lots of questions for future lessons (Kingshill Church School, September 2021)

We were really pleased with the experience that Harry provided to Year 4 at Haywood Village Academy.  The children were all incredibly engaged and were provided lots of opportunities were given to gain new knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons. Not only did he convince the children that he was a real Anglo-Saxon, he also gave them an insight into Anglo-Saxon life and allowed you to be completely immersed experience. Thank you very much Harry (Haywood Village Academy, September 2021)

Thank you - it was an amazing session covering everything we wanted. Lots of participation for all, your familiarity with the story ('The Other Ark') and references to our school values - perfect! The children were totally captivated, eager to volunteer and enthused by how the book they had been learning about suddenly 'came alive'. Thank you again (All Saints CofE Primary School, September 2021)

Thank you so much for coming in as a Spartan Warrior and for giving the 2 classes their first taste of "the outside world"! You were our first visitor and you couldn't have been more of a success.  They loved it. They all came back with new information and really enjoyed being involved in the acting. It has really brought the topic alive for them and they're so excited to carry on - thank you.

(St Mary's CofE Primary, July 2021)

Thank you so much for our Superhero day. It inspired the children to do some beautiful writing and to make Superhero characters. It also made them think about what we can do to be Superheroes and help others. The children really enjoyed their day and the parents were all very positive about the visit from ‘Bananaman’ because they heard all about it from their very enthusiastic children that evening. Many thanks Bananaman (Winscombe Primary School, June 2021)

'Harry has formed a key role in our curriculum delivery, helping us bring History to life for all of our learners! Whether that be a pirate on the beach, a time-travelling centurion or an aide to King John  - Harry can do it all. Totally professional, always flexible and skilled in ensuring inclusivity so that all learners access the content and enjoy the experience. The impact on our children's knowledge and written outcomes have been truly outstanding' (Axbridge CofE First School Academy, June 2021)

Many thanks for your visit yesterday. The children really enjoyed it and when I asked what they especially enjoyed it was: ‘everything!’ It was engaging, funny, active and everyone had a part to play which they loved.  An enthusiastic performance by Mr Wakefield and the children meant they took in a lot. It was great. (Northleaze CofE Primary School, June 2021)

The whole performance was absolutely outstanding, the children and adults were both dazzled from start to finish. We really enjoyed Captain Whitebeard and thought the session was just brilliant. Thank you for accommodating our treasure hunt. This was just what we needed after the year we have all had. The children are still re-enacting out your scenes. We were so thrilled that even at short notice you were able to come along, so thank you very much. It really was a perfect morning for the children to celebrate all of their new knowledge they had been learning, I really felt it consolidated everything they had learnt about Pirates and made it much more relative to their understanding (Kewstoke Primary School, May 2021)

Thank you so much for the Greek Spartan visit. I reflected with the children this morning and they mentioned so many wonderful moments from your experience - they loved holding the weapons, they realy enjoyed taking part and some mentioned the Army where they held the pretend spears and others said The Battle of Marathon. I love how you include as many children as possible! Many thanks again.
(Grove Junior School, May 2021)

Harry's session was brilliant, he was great with the children and the session was highly engaging and interactive. The children loved being able to help out by acting out scenes and dressing up, as well as singing and dancing. Harry was very knowledgeable, and his session was full of information as well as being fun and something that the children will remember. It was a fantastic way to bring our Victorian topic to life. Thank you! (Northleaze CofE Primary School, May 2021)

Harry visited our school as Andronicus the Spartan Warrior where he told children stories and facts about Ancient Greece, made them march in phalanx formation and involved children at every opportunity to weave the aspects of Spartan life together and make it come to life. Our Y5 classes were mesmerised the entire way through and were still buzzing about it the next day. I would wholeheartedly recommend the whole experience for anyone considering bringing their curriculum to life.

(Glenfrome Primary School, May 2021)

Wow, how lucky we were to have Don the Astronaut taking time out of his busy schedule to visit us in school this week. It was as if we were all on the International Space Station looking down on the amazing Planet Earth below. We learned some great cosmic facts about our solar system and the history of the space race. The children were fascinated and amused by the challenges faced by Astronauts living with zero gravity. Who would have thought such a simple thing as washing and showering could prove to be so difficult and comical! (West Leigh Infants, May 2021)

Once again it was an amazing and engaging experience for the children. They were all so enthusiastic due to your energetic and captivating performance. Thanks once again for the 'Brunel' themed session and we look forward to seeing you in the Autumn term as another character for our 'Tudors' topic.

(Sidcot Junior School, April 2021)

Harry came to visit Year 5 as an Anglo–Saxon. He introduced our topic to the children in an interactive, fun and informative manner. He always ensured different children had a chance to dress up and he really understood the needs of each pupil. The children returned to the class full of new subject knowledge and it has inspired them to find out more about this historical period. Thanks very much Harry.

(Sidcot Junior School, April 2021)

The children absolutely loved this afternoon, as did I. They're now so excited to learn more about Brunel; it really was a fantastic introduction for them.  One child came out saying how great it was and that he wanted to go back in and do it all again!! A fantastic workshop....thank you.

 (Hutton CofE Primary School, April 2021)

Another inspiring session from Harry as Eddie the Explorer. The children were transfixed for over an hour and had so many questions to ask Eddie. There was a real buzz of excitement from the class and they learnt so much in such a child friendly way, thank you.  Comments from parents - 'He was so excited about being a Polar Bear and told me all about it.' 'She was so excited to tell us about the Polar Explorer and now wants to be one when she grows up!' (Wrington CofE Primary, March 2021)


Absolutely brilliant, we all loved it! Despite it being on 'Teams' it was really effective and the kids were enthralled!  The children thoroughly enjoyed today’s session, it has thoroughly enriched their learning experience about Sir Walter Raleigh and other Explorers at this time in history.

(Herons Moor Academy, February 2021)

Thank you so much for our Space and Astronaut 'Zoom' session this morning - the children had a wonderful time. Even I learnt some interesting facts too! You were awesome - thank you sooooo much. Hopefully, we can have you in the class again soon (Sandford Primary School, February 2021)

Harry was excellent portraying the character of 'Sir Dudley' and gave us a performance to remember whist telling us the story of Sir Walter Raleigh. He was so informative, fun and engaging even through the challenges of an online session (Herons Moor Academy, February 2021)